Our story

Hunt & Lane began with the purpose of celebrating creativity, design, and mother nature’s beauty. 

Inspired by the human touch, our showroom offers an ever-evolving collection of hand-crafted teak furniture, hand-hammered metals, hand-woven textiles, artwork, and authentic artifacts. With a mission driven by sustainability, we utilize quality materials from forgotten and salvaged relics to create the majority of our pieces. We are mastering the art of bringing new life into any space; whether residential or commercial; classic or modern.

Our work bears a timeless aesthetic, with the durability to last a lifetime; something that will be passed down and appreciated by loved ones. Beyond our own line of furniture, lighting, and homeware designs, we host a collaborative of talented artists and craftsman from around the globe. At Hunt & Lane every piece has a story, and we are devoted to sharing this with others.

We are a husband and wife duo, with two little sidekicks responsible for our endless doses of inspiration. This is our family business, our passion, and our lifestyle. Throughout the year, most of our time is spent at our showroom in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware; and for a few other months, we spend our time jungle dwelling on the island of Java, Indonesia. This is where we create our line and build our collection, in between family visits, sipping coconuts, and surfing the Indian Ocean.

We invite you to explore our “pieces of the past”, and also encourage you to bring us your own ideas, so that we may create the perfect piece of custom furniture for your next project. If you have interest in carrying our collection, please inquire for wholesale opportunities. Cheers!

Taber + Nadia